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Importance of Professional Development for Educators in 2023


Professional development is an important aspect in the development of our careers. Without it, we
cannot improve our knowledge in our fields and can easily get left behind in the learning curve. In 2020,
when the COVID-19 pandemic first struck, our need for professional development was placed in fast
forward. We were forced to update our knowledge and skills, particularly in the realm of international
cooperations and education in which our traditional workstyle was completely changed. In most cases,
our advances at that moment were not driven by prior knowledge or tested examples but rather by
learning on the fly. Indeed, this made a stressful situation even more stressful.
Ideally, we can improve our knowledge in our fields by cross-training with professional development
before an emergency strikes, such as realizing too late that our students are not prepared for graduation
based on country or state standards. Ideally, we learn and become prepared to implement new
strategies and techniques before they are urgently needed, allowing us to implement new knowledge in
a strategic and more comfortable manner. So, what can we do to gain professional development, and
what benefits does it offer in the field of education?

Professional Development for Educators

Perhaps at the most basic level, professional development helps individuals stay up-to-date with current
professional and instructional trends. In the case of international collaborations and teaching scenarios,
there may be a focus on learning outcomes, teaching methods, and strengthened organizational skills
(Juniper Education, 2022). An added benefit: the training that benefits instructors in turn benefits the
institution as well as their colleagues and students, equipping their counterparts and constituents with
advanced knowledge to also be successful in their careers.
In education, professional development gives teachers the tools they need to be successful in the
classroom, which has a great impact on the learning and progress of students. Advances can be realized
in curriculum design, implementation of technology, improved teaching methods, learning scenarios and
outcomes, among others. To be certain, education is a life-long process. And while we will never learn
all things, participation in educational development programs will help educators learn best practices
and strategies to teach and lead to their potential, yielding the maximum effect on their students.
For employers, professional development of teams also benefits the organization. According to the
Harvard Department of Continuing Education, employees who obtain professional development can feel
more confident in their work thus improving their feeling of job satisfaction, productivity, and morale.
The investment in professional development can also help employers retain their most productive
individuals and even attractive better talent.
Educators should have, at minimum, one professional development opportunity each year. And upon
participating in such an opportunity, participants should share their newfound knowledge with their
colleagues, thus creating a multiplier effect at the institution. We encourage you to identify
opportunities for your team and we are here to help.


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