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1. General Description

VERITAS University is a regionally renowned university in the areas of architecture, design, visual arts, sustainability studies and Veterinarian Sciences. Its strategic pillars are excellence, technology and innovation; financial health, social projection and internationalization. The primary purpose of education is “learning for life”and our values at VERITAS seek to enhance this humanistic vision and go beyond a merely academic endeavor to support and strengthen the integral and spiritual development of our community. The academic project at University VERITAS is based on the articulation of a learning community whose main objectives are to ensure that students develop their creative potential and transit through a comprehensive training experience during their studies. We encourage students to see themselves as thinkers, innovators and entrepreneurs of new projects in the fields of design, image, creative entrepreneurship and sustainability.


VERITAS has made internationalization one of its strategic pillars, in order to be recognized as the University of reference in Costa Rica, Central America and Latin America in culture, art, design, and other innovative disciplines, also seeking to impact society through educating students and professionals in an international dimension.


  • Spanish as a Second language courses
  • Sustainable Studies and Environmental Sciences
  • Political Science
  • Health and Human Development
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Social Construction and Post-carbon Urbanism
  • Bio-Design and Biomimicry
  • Collective Atelier

SPANISH TAUGHT DEGREE PROGRAMS (for degree seeking students)

  • Advertising Design (Visual communication) Licentiate
  • Architecture Licentiate
  • Digital Animation Licentiate
  • Interior Design Licentiate
  • International Film and TV Licentiate
  • International Fashion Design Licentiate
  • Photography Licentiate
  • Product Design Bachelor’s with a dual degree
  • Postgraduate program in Landscaping
  • Postgraduate program in Lighting Design
  • Postgraduate program in Sustainable Construction
  • Veterinarian Sciences Licentiate

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