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globalEdu is your suitable entrance point to the best academic institutions in Costa Rica. We are the Costa Rican Higher Education Consortium for International Education, the leading organization in the promotion and implementation of educational programs, cooperative alliances, research projects, and general advising in internationalization. Costa Rica is among the 10 top destinations for international students, especially for U.S. students studying abroad for academic credits. Our members have over 200 bilateral agreements with prestigious private and public higher education institutions from around the globe, in different areas of study such as business, social sciences, health, communications and design, environment and sustainability, hospitality, engineering, and information technologies. Our academic offering comprises undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as continuing education, either on-campus or virtually. Additionally, international experiences may be available through various opportunities that integrate language training, service-learning, faculty, and student.

If your academic institution is wishing to have various and very different higher education options in just one hand, we are your best chance in getting in touch with the best higher education institutions in Costa Rica. Email us and we will set a meeting for you with our academic institutions members or the one you are interested in.


The mission of globalEdu is to provide national leadership in strengthening Costa Rica’s higher education in human capital and research, through academic and cooperative international programs and projects; promoting Costa Rica as an educational destination and encouraging student and faculty mobility and research, based on our human, cultural, social and environmental strengths.


Become regional leaders in the field of international education through the promotion and implementation of educational programs, cooperative and research projects and advising in internationalization, making the country stand out as a center of academic excellence and innovation.

Our Values

Our association seeks to provide opportunities for educational collaboration and growth to those universities and colleges that share our values:

01. Global Perspective

Connecting effectively with diverse cultures, communities and ideas in an open and collaborative way.

02. Sustainable Focus

Pursuing a balanced approach to international education by promoting development of social, environmental and economic research projects and awareness programs.

03. Innovation

Finding creative responses to needs and interests of our national and international context through our projects and programs.

04. Diversity

Seeking out opportunities to create development of different programs and projects in different sectors.

05. Advocacy

Actively communicating with stakeholders to raise awareness of and foster international education.

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10 Reasons to Study Abroad in Costa Rica

  • Happiness comes first
  • A country of peace
  • Leading educational system
  • State-of-the-Art Healthcare
  • Multilingual and multicultural
  • Naturally gifted and biodiverse
  • Powered by Green Energy
  • Friendly people, friendly climate
  • Economic prosperity
  • San José: Costa Rica's thriving capital city

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