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Studying abroad is always a challenging experience. You will find yourself examining your own assumptions and your own way of life frequently as you immerse yourself in a new and different culture and way of living.

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Coming to our country must be a well-rounded experience. Therefore, we encourage you to live and experience the following cultural and socioeconomic aspects we feel proud of sharing with the world.


Tiquicia, as it is commonly known and referred to by Ticos and Ticas (slang terms for Costa Ricans), is widely known for its efforts on environmental sustainability and ecotourism. Generally speaking.

Culture Of Peace

Costa Rica abolished its army in 1948 and since then the economic support that was once given to military forces education. December 1st, 1986 Costa Rica’s Military Abolition Day

Sustainability in a Global Environment Conference

5-6 August 2024

We are looking forward to welcoming you to San José, Costa Rica, 5-6 August 2024, for the Conference on Sustainability in a Global Environment, sponsored by GlobalEdu (Costa Rica) and Troy University (USA).

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