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Universidad San Jose (USJ) was approved on 1992., but its experience in the field of private university education dates back to 1976, when it started as an affiliate college. USJ is a private higher education institution, which its essential mission is to train professionals with humanistic approach, high technical competitiveness and entrepreneurship, through development of updated study plans and programs and best teaching methodology.

Currently, USJ has around 6,500 students at central headquarter in San Ramon City and regional offices in Alajuela Downtown, Puntarenas Harbor and other 4 cities, involved into business administration, law, human nutrition, food technology, education and a large diversity on international courses.

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International programs

Culture and latin america area studies

  • Latin America on a Global Perspective.
  • Latin America Folk Dances.
  • Latin America Cuisine.
  • Latin America FTA’s and International Commerce.
  • How to make business in Latin America.

Life and health sciences

  • Biological Diversity of Costa Rica.
  • Society, Environment and Sustainable Development.
  • Chronic and Acute diseases on Indigenous child population.
  • ER and Intensive Medical Care.
  • Gerontology.
  • Tropical diseases.
  • Women and Violence.
  • Plant Taxonomy.
  • Animal Taxonomy.
  • Peace Culture and Democracy.

Social sciences, education and technology

  • Latin America Mass Media and Mass Communication.
  • Educational Systems in Latin America: A comparative approach.
  • Virtual Learning in Costa Rica and Latin America.
  • Political trends in Latin America.
  • R&D Policies and Project Management on Educational IT.


  • Spanish I.
  • Spanish II.

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