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Universidad Internacional de las Américas (UIA) is an independent, private University higher education institution.

It offers and promotes university education in different areas of knowledge, particularly in those professional disciplines necessary for the development of society, in accordance with the integrated strategic plan.

It was authorized by the National Council for Private University Teaching (CONESUP), as is stated in April 24, 1986, which makes it the first university to be approved by this body.

The UIA provides university teaching of high academic quality, characterized by:

Academic programs, study plans and courses that are constantly updated according to the needs of the environment.

Providing comprehensive training to its students, so that they offer an appropriate response to the needs and requirements around them, in an environment of greater academic demands and rigor.

The teaching-learning methodologies allow for the academic management needed to fulfill the institutional goals.

The recruitment process and administrative standards permanently supervise the process of choice of teachers, which allows us to have an excellent teaching body, distinguished by its capacity to promote change, transmit knowledge and follow up on its students.

Vision: Being a leading University that promotes constant change through practices and novel teaching trends.

Mission: We are the university that sparks learning, by transforming persons into innovating leaders who stand out globally.

Academic Offer: Degrees, Licentiate degree, Postgraduate, Open courses and Certificates of professional updates


  • Faculty of health sciences
  • Faculty of social sciences
  • Faculty of engineering and architecture
  • Faculty of economic sciences
  • Faculty of education sciences and languages

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