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General Description

Academia Tica Spanish School is an Instituto Cervantes Accredited Center with two distinct locations in Costa Rica. The school is one of the first private institutions in Costa Rica dedicated to Spanish language teaching and to providing exciting language experiences, since 1986. It is also one of the few fully owned and managed by ticos (Costa Ricans).

The focus of our philosophy of education is to provide meaningful and fun learning for the students with all that our country has to offer, but also providing a critical point of view of Costa Rican and Latin American culture and socioeconomical reality. Our principles are: tropical, friendly, cultural, humanistic and socially-oriented.

We have one location in the mountains of the Central Valley, close to San José city, and one on the beach in the Central Pacific.

Our Services

Academia Tica’s main offer are Spanish language courses including general conversational and also specialized Spanish courses such as DELE exam preparation, Spanish for: teachers, health workers, business or law. The courses are mainly based on the communicative method but can be focused on grammar, composition or culture depending on specific needs.

These courses happen in a time span of 1 to 52 weeks and are complemented by:

  • Cultural and adventure activities
  • Excursions to natural areas and cultural attractions
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Internship placements
  • Experiential courses in biology, ecology, sustainability, organic agriculture, Costa Rican culture and literature, and other topics
  • Overnight/weekend educational field trips
  • Surf lessons
  • Accommodation in student residences and home stays
  • Special arrangements for teacher accommodations
  • Other transport and travel services
  • Online courses

Our offer to institutions

Year-round universities and organizations can set up custom programs for their groups including faculty-led programs, school-as-a-basecamp, localization of language programs (based on your programs) and a number of other possibilities. We are flexible and dependable! Every year, students from more than 30 countries visit our locations.

We are trusted by organizations such as Johns Hopkins University Spanish Department (MD, USA) and Ocean College (Berlin, Germany).

Our Locations

Our first campus is located in Coronado, a typical Costa Rican town just East of San José city, in the mountains of the Central Valley. It offers great opportunities for practicing your Spanish but still enjoying the natural beauty around us. It is the perfect hub to jump in a bus and visit all the interesting spots around the country. This is a nature plus culture location.

The second school location is Jacó Beach, the “surf city” of Costa Rica, not too far from the capital and the airport and offering many things to do nearby. This location is perfect to enjoy nature and adventure. It is a great base to visit the Pacific coast and other famous spots.

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