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The Universidad Hispanoamericana is one of the most important private universities in Costa Rica with decades of experience offering the most advanced teaching methods. At the UH, we have made it our mission to provide all of our students with high quality education while upholding rigorous academic standards.

Perhaps what sets the UH apart is the fact that we have the first Medical Simulation Hospital (accredited by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare) in all of Latin America. Furthermore, we have an internationally accredited Business Simulation Center and Bosch Integrated Engineering Laboratory.

At the Universidad Hispanoamericana, estamos con vos, we are with you, to support you and to provide you with unparalleled learning opportunities and resources every step of the way.

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International programs

The Study Abroad mission for the Universidad Hispanoamericana is to create customized programs for the individual student looking to complete an internship or to improve linguistic ability and for small and large groups looking for a unique opportunity for healthcare education, teaching and learning internships, or seminars in a variety of disciplines. The Study Abroad experience through the UH recognizes the importance of an integral learning experience that combines tourism, cultural exposure, and academics in every program we customize.

The Study Abroad program at the Universidad Hispanoamericana recognizes the need for discipline-specific courses to be offered in Spanish to assist students and working professionals in acquiring Spanish linguistic ability for specialized courses. Specific courses in Spanish are offered in the departments of Education, Healthcare, Business, and Psychology. In these courses, students and working professionals will learn how to communicate effectively in Spanish in the respective field.

Furthermore, the Spanish as a Second Language program offers students a series of Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Spanish language learning. Using an interactive teaching methodology, students will be exposed to the Spanish language through a variety of activities in an authentic manner. Students in this program will have the opportunity to acquire linguistic knowledge through practices that will take them outside of the classroom and into the Costa Rican culture. Students will experience the tico life and the pura vida mentality through their interactions with local peers, extra curricular events, and travel opportunities throughout the country. By the end of the Spanish language series, students will have gained first-hand knowledge of the Costa Rican culture and will be able to recognize and use a variety of complex grammar structures and diverse vocabulary to express him or herself in both speaking and writing.

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