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Welcome to ILISA Educational Experiences!

Uaca has been the first private university in this nation, and was born to serve the hundreds of students who graduated from high school, who were left without a place to enter public universities.

Since its founding in 1984, ILISA has been dedicated to surpassing educational expectations and providing unparalleled programs with a satisfaction warranty. Nestled in the beautiful San Pedro, San Jose, our institute boasts an ideal location for immersive learning.

Excellent Facilities: Designed by the renowned architect Victor Cañas, our language school features state-of-the-art facilities, including 25 modern classrooms with natural light, enchanting gardens, an open terrace offering stunning mountain views, a cozy cafeteria, and an eco-friendly system of solar panels that produce most of our electricity.

Academic Offer: Explore our diverse academic offerings, where our faculty-led programs are meticulously tailored, and students can also enroll individually. We have partnered with esteemed universities such as Butler University, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg College, Austin Community College, and many more:

  • Teaching Abroad in Costa Rica: A transformative experience working at local elementary schools and high schools.
  • Total Immersion Spanish Courses: Intensive programs with 4 hours of classes daily, complemented by cultural activities.
  • Cultural Immersion: Discover various topics or opt for specialized programs in Anthropology, Biology, and Business.

Homestay Experience: Embrace a full cultural immersion with our Homestay option available for all programs, fostering authentic connections and a deeper understanding of Costa Rican culture.

Flexible Start Dates: Students can begin their enriching journey any Monday, all year round. From the moment of arrival, we provide comprehensive services, including weekend excursions and captivating cultural activities, until the farewell at the airport.

Spanish Courses: Enhance your language proficiency with our comprehensive Spanish courses, catering to various levels of proficiency:

  • SPN 1120 Elementary Spanish I, 4 credits
  • SPN 1121 Elementary Spanish II, 4 credits
  • SPN 2200 Intermediate Spanish I, 3 credits
  • SPN 2201 Intermediate Spanish II, 3 credits
  • SPN 2240 Spanish Conversation and Comp I, 3 credits
  • SPN 2241 Spanish Conversation and Comp II, 3 credits

Earn Credits with St. Petersburg College: As our school of record, ILISA allows students to earn valuable credits through St. Petersburg College in Florida. Immerse yourself in the expertise of our wonderful Spanish instructors and lecturers, accompanied by certified guides who lead all excursions with care and knowledge. Discover the world of educational wonders with ILISA Educational Experiences today!

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