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LEAD University is a private higher education institution founded by a group of well-known Costa Rican entrepreneurs and professionals who sought to foster an alliance between the university, its students, and companies to contribute to the development of the region.

Our university offers degree and programs in the areas of business and economics, international trade, engineering and technology, with an emphasis is leadership, critical thinking, creativity, innovation, and productivity.

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International programs

International students may apply to be a regular student or select a series of courses as an exchange student for 1 or 2 terms.

The academic year is divided into 3 terms of 15 weeks. All courses are currently taught in Spanish and an intermediate working knowledge of Spanish is necessary for international students to succeed.

We offer five Bachelor’s degrees and two Master’s degrees:

The Bachelor’s in Data Science Engineering is a unique career in Central America. The object of study of the program is integrated by big data, data mining, predictive analysis, decision making, productivity and management capacity; as well as the nature of the interaction that occurs between said components and the application of the abilities and skills that are generated from their study in order to improve the performance of companies and organizations in general.

Today more than ever, economic decisions have a great impact on the permanence of companies in the market and determine their growth, which creates a demand for professionals with skills to carry out business intelligence through economic models and data.

This Bachelors program analyzes economics from an applied point of view for the benefit of business, combining three complementary branches: traditional economic sciences, business sciences, and quantitative methods.

The objective of this program is to enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of the principal business components and their interactions, namely: management, leadership, human resources, capital, labor, production, managerial and adaptive capacity. This program is based on the following pillars: leadership, management capacity, human talent to create environments that foster creative intelligence and hence the ability to tackle and respond to specific problems in a context sensitive way.

Pursuing an interdisciplinary approach, this program combines courses in economics, law, international commerce and business administration.

The teaching faculty of the program has led Costa Rica’s integration into the international economy by negotiating free trade agreements and pursuing other visionary trade strategies.

This program arises with the goal of covering the demand for a new generation of multidisciplinary engineers that understand process optimization in the areas of manufacturing and exportable services through a new modern and updated industrial engineering. This program prepares engineers with the ability to design improvements in an organization’s processes through integrated systems that involve employees, materials, information, technology, and energy resources. Its approach is focused on improving the performance of production systems, both products and services, taking into account the link between resources to improve the efficiency and results of an activity.

This program studies the economic, legal and governmental environment, the regulatory framework and specialized instruments for international business. The Masters in Corporate Law prepares its students to interpret the corporate governance of companies for decision making with a multidisciplinary and global vision through the analysis of real cases, current issues and trends in the areas of: International finances, Investment policies, Business negotiations, Mergers and acquisitions

The program offers an in- depth view into the issues involved in the internationalization of a company. A highly practical component is combined with relevant and up-to- date theory ensuring key concepts are tested and applied systematically throughout the program. As such, its course components allow a thorough investigation of specific business problems. Other key areas of LEAD University’s master program focus on conciliation and conflict resolution, the ability to communicate, listen and anticipate events as well as to perceive the needs and expectations of counterparts.

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