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We are the largest private university in the country. With over 30 years of experience, we have developed excellent academic programs in each of our five undergraduate and graduate schools. We are constantly innovating our curriculum to offer updated academic options and the best environment to prepare the future global leaders that our world needs.

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International programs

Universidad Latina de Costa Rica offers the international community the opportunity to study in a unique academic setting in one of the happiest and most beautiful countries in the world. Take advantage of a set of special short-term programs for students and faculty or come join us for a semester or year abroad

Exchange program in Spanish or English

Short-term programs: Ulatina’s two week short-term programs are a great opportunity to enjoy Costa Rica and also learn about the country’s efforts and developtment in terms of sustainability and health.

Summer Programs: Durin gour 6 week programs you can learn about Spanish, Business, Sustainability and Health.

Customized programs: these programs are developed to meet the needs and objectives from other universities or academic institutions and can be offered in English or Spanish.

Spanish program: Our program offers both face-to-face and virtual courses. These courses have a duration of 3 to 15 weeks with 45 or 60 contact hours. Before any course, students will take an online placement test with the Program Coordinator. Our Spanish courses are available during spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Cultural and linguistic electives: To continue learning Spanish and to have a broader command of the language, our program offers cultural and linguistic electives in Spanish.


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