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VERITAS University is the 24th campus of the LCI Education Network and is regionally renowned in the disciplinary fields of architecture, design, visual communication, sustainability studies, and Veterinarian Sciences. Its strategic pillars are excellence, technology, innovation, financial health, social projection, and internationalization. The primary purpose of education is “learning for life.” Our values at VERITAS seek to enhance this humanistic vision and go beyond a merely academic endeavor to support and strengthen our community’s integral and human development.

The academic project at University VERITAS articulates a learning community whose main objectives are to ensure that students develop their creative potential and transit through a comprehensive training experience during their studies. We encourage students to see themselves as thinkers, innovators, and entrepreneurs of new design thinking, image, creative entrepreneurship, and sustainability projects.

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International programs

Universidad Veritas offers interdisciplinary Latin American studies courses with a sustainability-focused mindset. In addition, we provide an inclusive & diverse intercultural learning platform for international students in pursuit of becoming leaders with a vision of changing a challenging world.

VERITAS is recognized for its strategic internationalization pillar and as one of the top universities regionally in culture, art, design thinking, and other creative industries disciplines. The VERITAS Study Abroad program developed a wholesome experience that combines cultural integration, personal growth, language learning, and developing knowledge on global issues.

Types of offerings

  • English taught courses
  • Spanish taught courses & Language Learning courses
  • Faculty Led
  • Customized Programs
  • Short Term Field Course / J-Term Programs
  • Internships
  • Study with locals


  • 2 Summer (5 weeks long – intensive)
  • Spring & Fall Semester (12 weeks long with option to extend to 16 wks.)
  • 4 weeks intensive Spanish language learning courses (majors & non-majors)
  • Customized Programs for faculty, groups, departments.

English/Spanish taught elective courses for different majors

  • Art and Humanities
  • Biology and Environmental Science
  • Business, Economics, Communication & Marketing
  • Social Sciences, Political Science, and International Relations
  • Wellness and Psychology
  • Literatura/ Lingüista / Otros topicos

Spanish taught degree programs (for degree seeking students wanting to do a Study with Locals Semester)

  • Advertising Design (Visual communication) Licentiate
  • Architecture Licentiate
  • Business Administration & Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Animation Licentiate
  • Interior Design Licentiate
  • International Film and TV Licentiate
  • International Fashion Design Licentiate
  • Photography Licentiate
  • Product Design Bachelor’s with a dual degree
  • Postgraduate program in Landscaping
  • Postgraduate program in Lighting Design
  • Postgraduate program in Sustainable Construction
  • Veterinarian Sciences Licentiate

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